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Fundraising Tips

1. Set a fundraising goal and create a plan using these tips to achieve it.

2. Make a list of people in your life that might be potential donors.

3. Create your own fundraising Project Page at

4. Send out appeal letters/emails to your network of friends and family.

5. Host a garage sale, car wash, lemonade stand or bake sale.

6. Ask your employer about their corporate matching gift program.

7. See "How to Raise $200 in Only 10 Days!" below.


Day 1: Put in your own $20 contribution

Day 2: Ask your significant other for $20

Day 3: Ask your mom or dad for $20

Day 4: Ask your best friend for $20

Day 5: Ask your supervisor for $20

Day 6: Ask your co-worker for $20

Day 7: Ask your sister or brother for $20

Day 8: Ask your in-laws for $20

Day 9: Ask a neighbor for $20

Day 10: Ask a business owner for $20

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